dec 23. 2012

"3 points is all that matters"

In the last week before Christmas break, Mora played two games in Hockey Allsvenskan. One home game and one away game. After one victory and one loss, we talked to Anže.


After tournament in Lyon France where Gašper and Anže played with the national team they returned to Sweden. With Mora IK they played 2 games, an away game and a home game in Mora. On Tuesday Djurgårdens won in Mora 4:3, on Thursday Mora won in Västerås 3:2.

"Both games were really different. Against Djurgårdens we played well, we had a lot chances, i think we can say, that we were a better team, but unfortunately we lost the game at the end. Against Västerås the situation was reversed. They had more chances but we managed to score more goals," Anze describes both games and continues: "Looks like everyting squared off, we got three points in two games, but it is what it is. We have to be optimistic and just carry on. Those three points before the Christmas break are important to us, it doesn't matter how we got them."

On this week's games Anže recorded two assists, both of them in a game against Djurgårdens. With 29  points in 27 games Anže is currently in the sixth place in Allsvenskan league and first in team Mora IK. "We are free till Wednesday, we only  have some easy practices if we want. Mom and Dad actually came to Mora so we will spend Christmas holidays together, otherwise nothing special," said Anže about his plans this week. He also said that no one will be resting totally, as usual everybody will be ready for Thursday when Bofors comes into town. In the Allsvenskan league there are 21 games to play in the regular season. Mora is after win against Västerås currently on the seventh spot, which leads into playoffs.


 Photo: Sportida