nov 05. 2012

Beck in national team after four years

After fouryears, Anže Kopitar put on his national team jersey again, when Slovenian national team gathered in Bled today.

Beck in national team after four years

Due to the lockout in the NHL, Anže decided to move to Mora to play in Allsvenskan together with his brother Gašper.

Anže thoughts: "The last time I was with the national team was in 2008 in Halifax, so I feel like a rookie. It is nice to see the guys again, the team also changed quite a lot. I did not have any chance to see some of the young ones in action, but this will also be a nice experience for me and hopefully everything will go as planed".

After the world championships in April, where Matjaz Kopitar's team ensured the spot in the elite division once again, Slovenia will play in Ljubljana against France, Italy and Austria:

"Those are standard opponents for our team, but I can not say anything about them right now. With Austria, we are always pretty close, on the WC and in the OWG qualifications. We did not have any games lately with the Italians, and we don't play against France so often so this team will also be a good opponent for us."  Anze said about the opponents.


Photo: Sportida