dec 10. 2012

Bandy playground reminded him of childhood

Mora IK had a last away game before international break in Oskarskahmn. In southern Sweden Anže remembered his first hockey steps at his home backyard.

Bandy playground reminded him of childhood

Mora IK has travelled to Oskarshamn one day before the game. The next day players went to morning skate in Arena Oskarshamn. Just before they came to the Arena, Anže saw a frozen football field which is used during winter for playing bandy. “On our way to Arena, we saw a frozen football field and I remembered at my hockey beginnings at home backyard where I learned how to skate when I was four years old,” said Anže in a nostalgic tone.

Bandy is very popular winter sport in Sweden. Same as ice hockey it is played on ice where skaters use their sticks to direct the ball into the opposing team’s goal.The game is meant to be be played on a rectangle of ice-field which is the same size as a football field. Bandy also has other rules that are similar to soccer: each team has 11 players, one of which is a goalkeeper. A standard bandy match consists of two half's of 45 minutes each. Blue card brings you 10 minutes penalty, while red card sends you off.

The Bandy World Championships for men was first held in 1957. Games that are accepted as direct predecessors to bandy have been recorded in Russian monastery dating back to the 10th to 11th centuries.